Kara Cole Turner

A city girl at heart… My family of 6 lives in the downtown area of Grand Rapids, MI. Recently married, my “man-version” and I have a very blended household of four monkeys. We are both very passionate about our careers in the beauty and barbering industry. I began my love and appreciation of hair early on in high school, graduating and getting my license the year after I received my diploma. I have served in just about every facet of my job that exists from sales to full time education. I have a big heart for helping women feel beautiful. As I traveled through life I experienced so many challenges... Failed marriages (yes… plural), moves across the country, finding my faith, loosing babies, turning away from my faith, financial ups and downs, raising a child with severe challenges, moving back in with my parents, and finding my faith again. Today I am in a place I swore I would never be… a part-time stay at home mom… and I love it. Finding a passion for holistic, healthy living and being the person my family counts on to be there both physically and emotionally… I feel like now is the time to start sharing my experiences and situations with all of you. My heart has grown from the desire to help you all feel beautiful to helping you all grow in beauty as a mom, wife, community member and woman! My sincere hope is that I have created a space for all of you to come, learn, share and connect in every way possible on every topic possible… and light a fire in your own communities for growth and connection! I love hearing from you!! Your emails and comments are cherished and appreciated! Champagne & Laundry is not a brand… it’s a community!

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